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Theme-in-Context Day

When:Fr 23-09-2022

This year's OIKOS TiC-day will focus on the recently discovered (or rather, seized by the police) bronze tablet which can be dated to the very beginning of the reign of Tiberius.


PhD and ReMA students of OIKOS receive 1 EC for preparing and attending the TiC-day. Literature will be sent to registered participants beforehand.


During the day, a number of speakers will discuss different aspects of the new document, in the context of other sources for the early reign of Tiberius.


Olivier Hekster (Radboud): Welcome and introduction


Miriam Groen-Vallinga (Radboud): The new tablet and other inscriptions


Vincent Hunink (Radboud): Tacitus’ text and Tiberian inscriptions




Olivier Hekster (Radboud): The new tablet and Tiberian coins


Elsemieke Daalder (Leiden University): Legal perspectives on Tiberius’ accession


Transition to the Valkhof Museum for the last session

16.15- 16.45

Stephan Mols (Radboud): the accession of Tiberius and monumentalisation

Participants are invited to read in advance: P. Rothenhoefer. ‘Emperor Tiberius and His praecipua legionum cura in a New Bronze Tablet from AD 14’, GEPHYRA 19, 2020, 101-110 (=, with the comments by Georgy Kantor:

There is also a detailed discussion of the inscription by Antonio Caballos Rufino, in Spanish: "Un senadoconsulto del año 14 d. C. en un epígrafe bético", ZPE 219, 2021, pp. 305-326.


You can register for this workshop by sending an email to Olivier Hekster (; please mention the words 'Theme in Context’ in the subject of your message.