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ReMA Presentation Day

When:Fr 08-04-2022
Where:Vergader- en conferentiecentrum Soeterbeeck, Elleboogstraat 2, 5352LP Deursen-Dennenburg

On Friday 8 April 2022, OIKOS organizes the annual presentation day for research master students in the Soeterbeeck centre in Ravenstein near Nijmegen. On this day you will have the opportunity to present part of your research to an audience of fellow ReMa students. You can, for instance, present a thesis chapter or any ideas for a PhD proposal that you may have. You will receive feedback from both a senior researcher who works in your field of study and from the other participants. The event is an excellent opportunity to air your ideas before you have to present them to your supervisors. The language of communication will be English.

As this day is part of the OIKOS curriculum, as a speaker you will earn 2 ECTS.


If you want to register as a speaker, please send us an abstract (maximum 300 words) of your presentation as soon as possible, but at the latest by 4 March (oikos Please send us the final version of your presentation by 25 March, in order to give your respondent enough time to prepare his or her response. As the number of participants has a maximum, selection may have to take place after 4 March.

It is also possible to register as a listener (oikos However, there is limited capacity for listeners, so please contact us for the possibilities.

Participation (including lunch, coffee/tea and drinks, excluding travel expenses) is free of charge for both speakers and listeners. In the evening we will have dinner with anyone who wants to join us at one's own expense.


Due to the current circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, we cannot guarantee that the presentation days can take place in (fully) physical form. If this is the case, we aim for an online or hybrid alternative.