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OIKOS Seminar – How to write a peer-reviewed article?

When:Fr 11-03-2022 14:00 - 17:00
Where:Leiden, Lipsius building 212

Peer-reviewed publications in reputed journals like Lampas and Mnemosyne play an increasingly important role in the selection of PhD-candidates. Yet many submissions by ReMA-students do not survive the peer-review process. One reason for this poor success rate is that students typically do not fully appreciate that a good paper or thesis does not automatically make for a good journal article. This workshop aims at increasing the chances at getting your submission accepted.

This workshop of two afternoons will introduce you to the world of scholarly journals. Its organizers serve on the editorial boards of two peer-reviewed journals, each focusing on a different readership: the Dutch language Lampas and the international journal Mnemosyne. They will give you an overview of the entire process from submission to publications and provide you with practical advice: how do I turn my thesis into an article? to which journal should I best send my article? How do I revise it? How do I best respond to criticism and even rejection?

We will also present and analyze some examples of ‘perfect’ and rejected submissions and examples of reports by peer-reviewers: why are some submissions successful where others fail? How is this relevant for your own article.

Finally, you will draft an outline for a (hopefully successful) article on the basis of a paper or thesis of your own.


Dr. Bert van den Berg (Leiden University, Lampas)
Dr. Mark Heerink (University of Amsterdam, Lampas)
Dr. Christoph Pieper (Leiden University, Mnemosyne)

Course load (1 ECTS)

  • Two sessions of three hours
  • Writing and revising an outline of an article on the basis of a previous paper or thesis.
  • Reading some samples of peer-reviewed articles


  • Session 1 (11 February 2022; 14:00-17:00): peer-review introduced on the basis of some concrete examples; tips and tricks; discussion of each other’s outlines for articles.
  • Session 2 (11 March 2022; 14:00-17:00) discussion of sample articles you have read and of each other’s revised article outlines.

Language of instruction

Instruction during the first session will be in English and is also accessible to foreign ReMA-students. Note, however, that since some of the cases concern submissions to the Dutch journal Lampas, you are expected to be able to handle written Dutch. As for the hands-on part in which you draft an outline of a submission: those who plan to submit to Lampas will do so in Dutch.


You may register for this workshop by sending an e-mail to Dr. Mark Heerink (M.A.J.Heerink with ‘Registration OIKOS Seminar – How to write a peer-reviewed article' in the subject-header.

Deadline: 15 December 2022.

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