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Work in Progress meeting - Late Antique and Byzantine Studies

Wanneer:wo 15-12-2021 15:30 - 17:30

On 15 December 2021 the OIKOS research group Late Antique and Byzantine Studies is having an online Work in Progress meeting.


The program of the online-session Work in Progress offers the following five items:

  • Andrea Cuomo (UGent) will introduce himself as a full professor in Ancient and Medieval Greek, January 2022 ERC-CoG, on late Byzantine grammarians.
  • Kay Boers (UU) will present his dissertation on civis and citizenship in Late Roman and Visigothic Spain.
  • Cristina Cocola (UGent) will present her PhD-project on Byzantine katanyctic poetry.
  • Berenice Verhelst (UvA) will present her new project DICES ( in which epic, epyllia and biblical epic from Late Antiquity play an important role.
  • Ewan Short (Cardiff University) will present his article ‘Monomachos and the Mangana: Imperial Legitimacy (1042-1046)', Scandinavian Journal of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 6.

A savoury variety of topics! We are looking forward to hearing about the above mentioned recent developments and projects. Everybody is welcome to join the session.