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OIKOS Text-in-Context Day - Table Claudienne

When:Fr 29-10-2021

This year's OIKOS TiC-day will focus on the Tabula Lugdunensis; a bronze tablet that was found in Lyon in the 16th century, inscribed with a speech by emperor Claudius. The event is organized by the OIKOS research group Ancient Rhetoric and Aesthetics.

It was originally planned in April 2020 and was postponed in the hope that it would be possible to organize it in a non-virtual setting at a later date. The day has now been planned on 29 October 2021, and will hopefully take place on location in Leiden.


PhD and ReMA students of OIKOS receive 1 EC for preparing and attending the TiC-day. Literature will be sent to registered participants beforehand.


During the day, a number of speakers will discuss different aspects of the Tabula Lugdunensis.


Casper de Jonge: Welcome and Introduction


Casper de Jonge (Leiden University): A Rhetorical Reading of the Tabula Lugdunensis


Suzanne Adema (University of Amsterdam): A Linguistic Reading of the Tabula Lugdunensis


Ton Derks (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): Find Context and Physical Properties of the Tabula Lugdunensis


Elsemieke Daalder (Leiden University): Legal and Institutional Aspects of the Tabula Lugdunensis


Simon Malloch (University of Nottingham): KEYNOTE: Tacitus and the Speech of Claudius Preserved on the Tabula Lugdunensis


Concluding Discussion

Participants are invited to read in advance the fragments from the Tabula Lugdunensis (CIL XIII 1668) and Tacitus, Annals 11.23-24 in Latin and / or in English. The edition with translation and commentary that was recently published by the keynote speaker Simon Malloch is recommended: Simon Malloch, The Tabula Lugdunensis: A Critical Edition with Translation and Commentary. Cambridge: CUP 2020.


You can register for this workshop by sending an email to Casper de Jonge (; please mention the words 'Tabula Lugdunensis’ in the subject of your message.