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OIKOS Late Antiquity and Byzantine Studies - Masterclass with Prof. Albrecht Berger

When:Fr 25-06-2021 10:30 - 17:00

On behalf the Late Antique and Byzantine Studies OIKOS research group, Irene Jacobs and Joost Snaterse are organising a one-day masterclass on fiction and hagiography with professor Albrecht Berger (LMU Munich) on 25 June 2021, themed "Byzantine light fiction in spiritual disguise - and without".

About the theme

The masterclass by the OIKOS Research Group for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies offers PhD candidates the opportunity to engage with recent research in the field and to discuss their own work with international senior scholars. This year we will welcome professor Albrecht Berger (Munich) to Nijmegen, who will discuss the topic of Byzantine hagiography and fiction. Why and how does the late antique genre of "novels" survive in hagiographical texts into the middle ages? And for which reasons does non-religious fiction re-emerge in later times? These and other questions will be central to the programme, which includes a discussion of prepared readings, research pitches by the participants, and a public lecture.

About the masterclass

The goal of the masterclass is to discuss the central topic and to provide an opportunity to share your own ideas on the theme. In the morning we will discuss prepared readings, to gain a better understanding of the relation between hagiography and fiction. In the afternoon, each of the participants will present a short pitch based on their research and (broadly) related to the theme of the masterclass. This could include a problem or question that you would like to discuss with professor Berger and the other participants to ensure a lively and productive discussion. We will end the day with a public lecture by professor Berger. Please see the provisional program below. The preparatory readings will be circulated by the first of June so asto leave sufficient time to prepare.

Provisional program

10.15 - 12.45: Morning session
Welcome and introduction
Discussion of the prepared reading

12.45 - 13.30: lunch break

13.30 - 15.30: Afternoon session I
Short research pitches by participating PhD candidates (who will be asked to put a specific problem or question to the group)

15.30 - 16.00: coffee break

16.00 - 17.00 : Afternoon session II
Public keynote lecture by Prof. Dr Albrecht Berger: "Truth and Fiction in Byzantine Historiography"

Registration and 1 EC

The masterclass is primarily meant for PhD candidates working on hagiography, fiction or late antique and Byzantine literature and culture more broadly. Postdocs working on related issues are also welcome to join.

For those interested, please send an email to irene.jacobs by 1 May. When registering, please let us know if you want to join the masterclass with or without giving a pitch. We only have limited time for research presentations, so a selection of presenters might be part of the application process. Of course we also very much welcome participation without presentation.

Participants who give a pitch can earn 1 EC. Contact the organizers about the details.

It is also possible to register for the keynote lecture by Prof. Dr Albrecht Berger. For those interested, please send an email to j.snaterse


We are hoping that the masterclass can take place on location in Nijmegen, but if necessary, it will be held digitally (we will decide at the end of May, the latest).