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International Network Impact of Empire - flash conference

When:Th 27-05-2021 13:00 - 19:15

The 15th workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire , which was planned for May 2021 in Nijmegen, has been postponed. The organizers have decided to organize a 'flash conference' instead: a one-day, wholly online event, with four papers on the subject of the planned workshop, with substantial time for discussion. This will take place on Thursday 27 May.


1.00-1.15 p.m. Olivier Hekster: opening

1.15-1.35 p.m. Diego Chapinal-Heras: ‘Religion and control in the Roman colony of Dion’
1.35-1.50 p.m. discussion (breakout room)
1.55-2.15 p.m. discussion (plenary)

2.30-2.50 p.m. Nikolas Hächler: ‘Notions of tradition for the justification and establishment of usurped rulership in the Gallic and Palmyrene Empires’
2.50-3.05 p.m. discussion (breakout room)
3.10-3.30 p.m. discussion (plenary)

3.30-4.15 p.m. BREAK (breakout rooms)

4.15-4.35 p.m. Francesco Bono: ‘A rethoric memory of Rome in Justinian’s Novellae’
4.35-4.50 p.m. discussion (breakout room)
4.55-4.15 p.m. discussion (plenary)

4.30-4.50 p.m. Anne Hunnell Chen: ‘Facing East and West: Rethinking the Ideological Work of “Tetrarchic” Portraits’
4.50-5.05 p.m. discussion (breakout room)
5.10-5.30 p.m. discussion (plenary)

5.30-6.45 p.m. BREAK (breakout rooms)

6.45-7.15 p.m. Closing


For organisational purposes, the organizers need those who are interested in participating to sign up, so that they have relevant emails and numbers. This will enable them to organise break out rooms. After signing up, you will receive relevant information and links nearer the time of the meeting. Please send an email to Doortje Swaters and Ellen Theuws, via imem15