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Bureau for Groningen's Language and Culture (Centre for Groningen/s Language and Culture)

You probably landed here looking for information on a Gronings subject: a word, a book, a custom, an insight. The Bureau for Groningen’s Language and Culture (BGTC) where knowledge on these things was collected and passed on, has been merged in 2017 with the House of Groningen’s Culture and is now called the Knowledge Centre for Groningen’s Language and Culture (CGTC). May we invite you to come in?



CGTC Public Activities

Postal Address
Postbus 30040
9700 RM Groningen

Visiting adress
Lopende Diep 8
9712 NW Groningen
t. (050) 313 00 52

CGTC Science & Research

Postal Address
Postbus 716
9700 AS Groningen

Visiting Address
RUG Harmoniegebouw
Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 26
9712 EK Groningen

Prof.dr. G.T. Jensma - g.t.jensma

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