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AIM2023: Artificial Intelligence and Minority. Computational Approaches to Multilingual Historical Research

When:Fr 12-05-2023
Where:Faculty of Philosophy, Groningen

This event seeks to bring together scholars at various stages of their career who work in the history of philosophy or cognate areas in cultural history and the humanities broadly defined, and who use AI-inflected approaches to bring to life neglected figures, unrepresented language groups and racial profiles, as well as any historical aspect(s) that go(es) beyond the canon of their disciplines. While AI is often related to gender and racial bias, we aim to focus on machine intelligence as a potentially welcome companion to traditional forms of humanistic inquiry and on minorness as paramount for the study of the human past. The conference thus seeks to encourage collaborative, inter-, trans-, and post-disciplinary forms of scholarship across different aspects of minority in AI-enabled cultural history research.

More information and programme to follow.