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University Medical Center Groningen


People involved in EB&VDT-research:

Endothelial Biomedicine & Vascular Drug Targeting group (Medical Biology division)

Name Position
Grietje Molema, Ph.D. Professor
Peter Heeringa, Ph.D. Professor
Rianne Jongman Technician
Jan Kamps, Ph.D. Assistant professor
Matijs van Meurs, M.D. Ph.D. Clinical fellow
Henk Moorlag Technician
Jill Moser Post-doctoral fellow
Anita Niemarkt Technician
Eliane Popa Assistant professor
Peter Zwiers Technician
Pytrick Jellema Research Assistant
Josée Plantinga Research Assistant
Daniela Jou-Valencia JSM student
Timara Kuiper Research Assistant
Rui Yan Ph.D. student
Marloes Sol Ph.D. student
Youhai Li Ph.D. student

At this moment eleven members of the EB&VDT-group are pictured below:

BVDT-group [december 2013]
BVDT-group [december 2013]

Top row, from left to right: Grietje Molema (picture), Peter Heeringa (picture), Jan Kamps (picture), Henk Moorlag (picture), Peter Zwiers (picture) and Rianne Jongman (picture).

Bottom row, from left to right: Anita Niemarkt, Matijs van Meurs (picture), Adnan Aslan (picture), Jill Moser (picture) and Roel van der Heijden (picture).

For a large picture (in case you want to take a closer look), click on the word 'picture' following the names...

Group pictures:

Current, see also main EB&VDT-page:

EBVDT group december 2010
EBVDT group december 2010

Previous picture (2005):


Another previous picture (beginning of 2004):

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