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Some useful and/or interesting links...

DEBS: Dutch Endothelial Biology Society

NAVBO: North American Vascular Biology Organization


The European Society for Microcirculation was formed over 50 years ago and now has approximately 600 members (including members of national societies). Its aim is

  • to advance integrative understanding of physiology and pathophysiology of terminal vascular beds
  • to support classical microcirculation as well as vascular biology
  • to use basic as well as clinical studies

Jagiellonian University
Jagiellonian University

Socrates exchange with Krakow...

If you are a master student in Biomedical Sciences at RUG (Medical Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences) and your are looking for a great internship at the Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Biotechnology, Krakow, Poland, e.g., in the field of endothelial research, angiogenesis, or HO-1 enzyme functionality in endothelial cells, you might be interested to join the Socrates exchange program between UMCG and JU. Do not hesitate to contact Prof.G. Molema for more information.


Vivomicx: Better drugs faster

Vivomicx identifies: real biomarkers for drug efficacy to speed up your development process
Using this, you can relate true molecular effects to disease activity and the value of your biomarkers

Vivomocx validates: the pharmacological identity of your NME in complex tissues in vivo, before your drug enters clinical testing
the expression of your new putative targets in patient materials
your biomarkers, identified in vitro or in vivo.
Contact us!  Vivomicx: Better drugs faster:

For...: molecular pharmacology of a NME in tissue compartments
discovery of biomarkers that reflect the activity of your NME in tissue samples of pre-clinical & clinical studies target validation in complex tissue samples the real molecular effects of your NME in vivo

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