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Research Pathology Medical Biology Research Endothelial Biomedicine & Vascular Drug Targeting
University Medical Center Groningen

Endothelial Biomedicine & Vascular Drug Targeting

The research in the laboratory for Endothelial Biomedicine & Vascular Drug Targeting focuses on understanding organ specific, microvascular endothelial cell behaviour in (inflammatory) diseases, cancer and development of therapeutic strategies to selectively interfere with endothelial cell (dys)function.

Three lines of research are explored in an integrated manner:

1] Unraveling of the molecular responses underlying microvascular endothelial cell activation and dysfunction  in vivo  and its relation to leukocyte accumulation in inflammatory conditions and cancer;

2] Studying the molecular consequences of drug treatment on the microvasculature as well as in selected microvascular segments in diseased organs and their relation to disease progression;

3] Development of targeted drug delivery strategies that selectively interfere with endothelial cell (dys)function in diseased tissues.

More information on these topics, as well as on our projects, the participating scientists and research assistants, and an overview of relevant publications can be found by clicking on the links in the menu at the left.  

EBVDT group december 2010
EBVDT group december 2010

Contact information:

Grietje Molema

University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
Dept. Pathology and Medical Biology
Medical Biology division

Room T2.228

Internal postal code: EA11
Hanzeplein 19713 GZ  Groningen, The Netherlands
telephone: +31-50-3610115
fax: +31-50-3619911

Email: G. Molema

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