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Research Pathology Medical Biology
University Medical Center Groningen


People involved in Genotyping, DNA-sequencing & the EUREGIO Biotech Business Support project:


Medical Biology:

Name Position E-mail
Elinda Bruin-van Dijk Technician e.j.bruin
Marcel Bruinenberg Ph.D. student m.bruinenberg
Henk Garritsen Ph.D. Medical advisor h.garritsen
Ron Korstanje Ph.D. r.korstanje
Marcel Mulder Technician m.j.mulder
Ilja Nolte Ph.D. Post-doctoral fellow i.m.nolte
Elvira Oosterom Technician e.oosterom
Mathieu Platteel Technician m.platteel
Gerrit van der Steege Ph.D. g.van.der.steege
Jessica Warner Ph.D. j.b.warner


Groningen Bioinformatics Centre (GBIC):

Name Position E-mail
Peter Terpstra Ph.D. Genomic data analysis p.terpstra
Menno Hardonk Software engineer m.hardonk


Medical Genetics:

Name Position E-mail
Gerard te Meerman Ph.D. Assistant professor statistical genetics g.j.te.meerman
Marijke Niens M.Sc. Ph.D. student m.niens


At the moment we can show you nine members of the GenoSeq/EUREGIO-group:

'genoseqeur' group
'genoseqeur' group

Top row, from left to right: Gerrit van der Steege, Peter Terpstra, Jessica Warner (picture) and Henk Garritsen (picture) and Marcel Bruinenberg.

Bottom row, from left to right: Elinda Bruin-van Dijk (picture), Marcel Mulder, Elvira Oosterom and Mathieu Platteel.

For a large picture (in case you want to take a closer look), click on the word 'picture' following the names...


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