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Keynote: Let’s make history together: FAIR, GLAMs and leadership in the Humanities


For the transition to open research and FAIR data management to be a success for researchers, scholars need to work with their colleagues to build approaches that suit their disciplinary requirements. For many humanities scholars, an important relationship exists with the collections of heritage institutions, often collective referred to as the ‘GLAM sector’ – Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. This keynote address argues that a deeper engagement with GLAMs provides a pathway forward for open scholarship leadership by the Humanities.

Dr Natalie Harrower / photo: private
Dr Natalie Harrower / photo: private

Dr. Natalie Harrower is Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland, a certified national infrastructure for Ireland’s arts, social sciences and humanities data. Actively involved in supporting open science transitions in Ireland and internationally, Natalie is on the Steering Group of Ireland’s National Open Research Forum, and is a member of the EOSC working group on FAIR and the European Commission’s FAIR data expert group (see Turning FAIR into Reality). She serves on ALLEA’s Open Science Taskforce, and regularly contributes to publications and events that draw connections between Open Science and GLAM sector data, such as DARIAH’s booksprint How to Facilitate Cooperation between Humanities Researchers and Cultural Heritage Institutions and the 2020 ALLEA report Sustainable and FAIR data sharing in the Humanities.

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