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Research Open Science Open Research Award

The Weather Map Project: Innovating Public Debate through Open-Access Newspaper Articles

Dario Rodighiero (Campus Fryslân)

Open Research objectives/practices

The Weather Map project exemplifies a fusion of open research and education by offering an innovative digital tool designed to explore and analyze public debates. It incorporates advanced artificial intelligence techniques, promoting distant reading and text analysis methods in research. Simultaneously, from an educational standpoint, it serves as a versatile digital tool facilitating the investigation of public controversies through newspaper articles, thereby enhancing learning experiences and pointing towards a future where knowledge is more accessible and inclusive.


Developed in collaboration with Harvard University and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, The Weather Map is an open-source software designed to visually represent thousands of newspaper articles. It leverages the support of the Media Cloud initiative and the Internet Archive infrastructure, which houses a vast collection of open-access newspaper articles otherwise restricted due to copyright constraints. This collaboration and resource utilization have been instrumental in building a platform that amalgamates technology and knowledge for public debate analysis, standing as a testament to the potential of open research and education practices.


Empowering researchers and scholars, the tool allows scrutiny of public debates by analyzing and visualizing a decade’s worth of newspaper articles. A user-friendly query system, backed by a sophisticated algorithm utilizing advanced techniques of text analysis and machine learning, enables the extraction of information from a voluminous number of articles, overcoming human reading limitations. This feature allows users to observe the evolution of public debates, identify main actors, and understand divergent positions. The challenges faced during the development, such as integrating diverse datasets and optimizing the user interface, have been valuable learning experiences, providing insights into balancing technological innovation with user accessibility.

Lessons learned

The synergy of open-access and open-source elements in the Weather Map project has enabled the exploration of otherwise inaccessible information, fostering a more inclusive and comprehensive analysis of public debates. The project has yielded insights that challenge traditional frameworks, such as Laourian’s bipolar approach to public debates. One of the pivotal findings is the recognition that public debates are not merely binary but are organized into smaller, multifaceted clusters, revealing a spectrum of perspectives and oppositions. This nuanced understanding has significant implications for both academic research and pedagogical approaches, paving the way for more digitally inclusive and diverse discourse analysis. Moreover, the project has highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, demonstrating how partnerships between technological and academic institutions can lead to innovative solutions and enriched learning experiences.

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