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BioInformatics Selected Publications

Selected publications

BioInformatics & Membrane Proteins (2003-2000)

J. S. Lolkema, Y. Chaban, and E. J. Boekema. Subunit composition, Structure, and Distribution of Bacterial V-type ATPases. J.Bioenerg.Biomem. 35 (in press), 2003.
J. S. Lolkema and D-J. Slotboom. Classification of 29 families of secondary transport proteins into a single structural class using hydropathy profile analysis. J.Mol.Biol. 327:901-909, 2003.
J. S. Lolkema and E. J. Boekema. The A-type ATP synthase subunit K of Methanopyrus kandleri is deduced from its sequence to form a monomeric rotor comprising 13 hairpin domains. FEBS Lett 543:47-50, 2003.
J. S. Lolkema and D.-J. Slotboom. Hydropathy profile alignment. A tool to search for structural homologues of membrane proteins. FEMS Microbiol.Rev. 22:305-322, 1998.
J. S. Lolkema and D-J. Slotboom. Estimation of structural similarity of membrane proteins by hydropathy profile alignment.  Mol.Mem.Biol. 15:33-42, 1998.

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