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Research Molecular Inorganic Chemistry - Browne group

Research Team

For Wesley R Browne see

Postgraduate (PhD students):

Jorn Steen (September 2017, Functional Molecular Systems)

Hans Kasper (December 2017, Functional Molecular Systems)

Linda Eijsink (January 2018, ARC-CBBC)

Hanneke Siebe (January 2019, ARC-CBBC)

Postdoctoral, Guest and Researcher assistants

Dr Niek Eisink (University Lecturer RUG)

Dr Tjalling Canrinus  (University Lecturer RUG)

Hugo den Besten (researcher)

Pichayut Tananchayakul (visiting PhD student, Mahidol University Thailand)

Masters Students

Daniel Duijnstee (2019 Masters)

Niels Klement (2019 Masters)

Maurits de Roo (2019 Masters)

Esther Sinnema (2019 Masters)

Andy Sardjan (2020 Masters)

Jacopo Martinelli (2020 Masters)

Jarne de Jong (2020 Masters)

Bachelor Students

Mitchell Groen (2019 BSc project, Oxidations in flow)

Former group members (PhD students )

Dr Thom Pijper (2010 molecular electronics, co-supervised with Prof B. L. Feringa and Prof B. J. van Wees)

Dr Jort Robertus (2010 Switchable surfaces,  co-supervised with Prof B. L. Feringa)

Dr Jia Jia Dong (August 2010, Palladium and managanese oxidation catalaysis, Catchbio)

Dr Apparao Draksharapu (2010-2013 Raman spectroscopy of Iron and Copper systems, Ubbo Emmius Scholar)

Dr Jochem van Herpt (2009-2013 supramolecular chemistry, co-supervised with Prof B. L. Feringa)

Dr Xiaoyan Zhang (2009-2013 molecular electronics, co-supervised with Prof B. L. Feringa and Prof B. J. van Wees)

Dr Lili Hou (2010-2013 transient spectroscopy, co-supervised with Prof B. L. Feringa)

Dr Hella Logtenberg (2013 Microfluidics, electrochemistry and Spectroelectrochemistry, funded by NWO Vidi)

Dr Pattama Saisaha (2012, PhD Manganese catalyzed oxidation catalysis, Ubbo Emmius Scholar)

Dr Heloise Tchouka (2011, PhD Inorganic materials)

Dr Robby Roswanda (autonomous motion, co-supervised with Prof B. L. Feringa)

Dr Peter Dijkstra (May 2010, Novel Scintillator technologies, with INCAS3)

Dr Davide Angelone (November 2011, Flow chemistry, ERC Starting Investigator Grant)

Dr Francesco Mecozzi (April 2012, Manganese catalyzed oxidation chemistry, ERC Starting Investigator Grant)

Dr Duenpen Unjaroen (December 2012, new ligands for oxidation catalysis, ERC Starting Investigator Grant)

Dr Sandeep Kumar (January 2013, selective oxidation catalysis, ERC Starting Investigator Grant)

Dr Juan Chen (September 2014, Chinese Scholarship)

Dr Luuk Kortekaas (September 2014, Functional Molecular Systems)

Dr Christina Wegeberg (PhD also at University of Southern Denmark, McKenzie group)

Dr Tjalling Canrinus  (February 2015, Functional Molecular Systems)

Former group members (Postdoctoral researchers)

Dr Shaghayegh Abdolahzadeh (September 2014, Mechanisms in manganese catalyzed oxidations)

Dr Jia Jia Dong (currently Postdoc at Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials)

Dr Apparao Draksharapu (currently a postdoc with Prof Larry Que, UMN)

Dr Emma Harvey (PD 2012-2105, Palladium catalysed reactions, Funded by Catchbio)

Dr Nicola Boyle (PD 2011-13, Mechanistic studies in oxidation chemistry, Funded by STW)

Dr Martin Fananas Mastral (PD Oxidation catalaysis, co-supervised with Prof B. L. Feringa, Funded by Catchbio)

Dr Dirk Pijper (PD 2007-2008, former Postdoctoral researcher)

Dr Patama Saisaha (September 2015-2017, Synthesis of ligands for transition metal catalysis)

Dr Laura Nune dos Santos Comprido (FSE Postdoctoral teaching fellow)

Former group members (Undergraduate and Masters students)

Lea Buettner (2009, Erasmus Student, Uni. Gottingen)

Tom van Leeuwen (2009, Bachelor, Uni. Groningen)

Jasper van der Velde (2010, Bachelor, Uni. Groningen)

Pim Puylaert (2010, Bachelor, Uni. Groningen)

Margarethe van der Meer (2010, Erasmus Student, Uni. Gottingen)

Kasper Loopstra (2010, Bachelor, Uni. Groningen)

Auke Huizenga (2010, Bachelor, Uni. Groningen)

Tjalling Canrinus  (2011, Bachelor, Uni. Groningen)

Tim Meinds (2011, Bachelor, Uni. Groningen)

Luuk Kortekaas (2011 Bachelor, Uni. Groningen)

Miriam Leising (2012 Masters, Uni. Groningen linear dichrosim, co-supervised with Dr Gerard Roelfes)

Eric Hagting (Bachelor, Uni. Groningen 2012)

Stijn Crombach (Bachelor, Uni. Groningen 2010)

Lisa Hoogendijk (Masters (education), Uni. Groningen 2013)

Hans Casper (2013, Bachelor, Uni Groningen)

Luuk Kortekaas (2014, Masters, electrochromic polymers, currently PhD with Prof Browne, Uni. Groningen)

Pim Puylaert (2014 Masters, co-supervised with Prof Dr Gerard Roelfes, currently PhD with Prof de Vries, Rostock)

Jorn Steen (2014 Bachelor student)

Kasper Loopstra (2014 Masters)

Tjalling Canrinus  (2014 Masters, currently PhD with Prof Browne, Uni. Groningen)

Federico Lancia (2015 Masters, currently PhD with Prof Katsonis, TU Twente)

Gloria Primi (2015, Masters Erasmus, Currently completing Masters at La Sp. Uni. Roma)

Florian Lucas (2015 Bachelor, currently MSc student at UVA)

Jorn Steen  (2015 Masters, Photoresponsive polymers)

Florian Cerpentier (2016 Bachelor, Lighting up gels)

Hans Kasper (2015 Masters, In-line analysis in flow chemistry)

Vera Sprik (2015 Masters, Photoswitchable electrochromes)

Daniel Duijnstee (2017 Bachelor, self assembled functional surfaces)

Maurits de Roo (2017 Bachelor, KIEs in oxidation catalysis)

Laura Martin Gonzalez (2017 Bachelor - Erasmus, polymer immobilised catalysts)

Suzan Kasper (HBO Utrecht, Secondary school teacher - intern)

Florian Cerpentier (2017 Masters, next generation oxidation catalysts)

Hanneke Siebe (2017 Masters, Mechanism in transition metal chemistry)

Jacopo Martinelli (2018 Bachelor, spiropyran switches)

Daniel Duijnstee (2018 Bachelor, spiropyran spectroelectrochemistry)

Andy Sardjan (2018 Bachelor, Fluoresence Upconversion spectroscopy)

Jarne de Jonge (2018 Bachelor, Redox Active Gels)

Ruben Feringa (2018 Masters, Photochromic materials)

Roy Postmus (2019 BSc project, Electrochemical oxidations in flow)

Former Guest researchers:

Dr Martin Schulz (2010, Postdoc, Dublin City University, Ireland)

Yvonne Halpin (2008-9, PhD, Dublin City University, Ireland)

Emma Harvey (2010, PhD, Dublin City University, Ireland)

Isaac Garcia (2010, PhD, University of Girona, Spain)

Zoel Cordoba (2011, PhD, University of Girona, Spain)

Mainak Mitra (PhD, University of Lund, COST CM1003 placement, April/May 2012)

Bors Istvan (PhD, University of Veszprem, COST CM1003 placement, May 2012)

Yuessef Elsheik (Erasmus student, Dublin City University, Ireland, April-Aug 2013)

Dr Claire Deville (Postdoctoral research, University of Southern Denmark, 2014)

Christina Wegeberg (Masters student, University of Southern Denmark, 2015)

Alessia Barbieri (Masters student, Erasmus Placement, La Sp. Uni. Roma, 2017)

Dr Alessia Barbieri (La Sp. Uni. Roma, COST STSM CM1305 Jan/Feb 2018)

Carla de Casadevella (lloret group, IQIB, Spain 2018)

Vibe Jakobsen (Morgan group, Uni. College Dublin, Ireland 2018)

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