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ResearchMolecular Inorganic Chemistry - Browne group

Laboratory Facilities

The Functional molecular materials and Catalytic Systems research group operates a number of steady state (CW) and nanosecond-time resolved facilities for Raman, Absorption and UV/Vis/NIR emission spectroscopy together with electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical facilities.

Raman Station, Microscope and Raman flex with fibre optic probe (Perkin Elmer)

Plasma cleaner (Femto system from Diener-electronic, Germany)

Contact angle Goniometer (Data Physics, Germany)

UV/Vis-NIR spectrometer (JASCO J-570) with integrating sphere

Vis-NIR-MIR FT spectrometer (JASCO)

Electrochemical workstations (CHIsntruments)

for more information of spectroscopy see:

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