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Research GBB Molecular Cell Biology Publications

Publications 2000 - 2009

Publicaties 2000

  1. Kiel, J.A.K.W., R.E. Hilbrands, R.A.L. Bovenberg and M. Veenhuis (2000). Isolation of Penicillium chrysogenum PEX1 and PEX6 encoding AAA proteins involved in peroxisome biogenesis.Appl. Microbiol. Biotech. 54:238-242.
  2. Kiel, J.A.K.W. and M. Veenhuis (2000). Peroxisomal matrix protein import. Suppression of protein import defects in Hansenula polymorpha pex mutants by overproduction of the PTS1 receptor Pex5p. Cell Biochem. Biophys. 32:9-20.
  3. Baerends, R.J.S., K.N. Faber, J.A.K.W. Kiel, I.J. van der Klei, W. Harder and M. Veenhuis (2000). Sorting and function of peroxisomal membrane proteins. FEMS Microbiol. Rev. 24:291-301.
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  5. Salomons, F.A., J.A.K.W. Kiel, K.N. Faber, M. Veenhuis and I.J. van der Klei (2000). Overproduction of Pex5p stimulates import of alcohol oxidase and dihydroxyacetone synthase in a Hansenula polymorpha pex14 null mutant. J. Biol. Chem. 275:12603-12611.
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  15. Veenhuis, M., F.A. Salomons and I.J. van der Klei (2000). Peroxisome biogenesis and degradation in yeast: a structure/function analysis. Microsc. Res. Tech. 51:584-600.

Publicaties 2001

  1. Albertini, M., W. Girzalsky, M. Veenhuis and W-.H. Kunau. Pex12p of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a component of a multi-protein complex essential for peroxisomal matrix protein import. Eur. J. Cell Biol. 80:257-270.
  2. Baerends, R.J.S., G.J. Sulter, T.W. Jeffries, J.M. Cregg and M. Veenhuis. Molecular characterization of the Hansenula polymorpha FLD1 gene encoding formaldehyde dehydrogenase. Yeast 15;19(1):37-42
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  9. Kieboom J, Bruinenberg R, Keizer-Gunnink I, de Bont JA (2001) Transposon mutations in the flagella biosynthetic pathway of thesolvent-tolerant Pseudomonas putida S12 result in a decreased expression of solvent efflux genes. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 98(2):117-122.
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Publications 2002

  1. Lahchev, K., Semenova, V., Tolstorukov, I.I., van der Klei, I.J. and Veenhuis, M. (2002) Isolation and properties of genetically defined strains of the methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha CBS4732. Arch. Microbiol. 177: 150-158.
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Publications 2003

  1. Postma, M., Roelofs, J., Goedhart, J., Gadella, T.W., Visser, A.J., Van Haastert, P.J. (2003) Uniform cAMP stimulation of Dictyostelium cells induces localized patches of signal transduction and pseudopodia Mol Biol Cell. 14(12):5019-27.
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Publications 2004

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Publications 2005

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Publications 2006

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