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Research GBB Molecular Cell Biology Publications

Publications 1997

  1. Komori, M., S.W. Rasmussen, J.A.K.W. Kiel, R.J.S. Baerends, J.M. Cregg, I.J. van der Klei, M. Veenhuis (1997) The Hansenula polymorpha PEX14 gene encodes a novel peroxisomal membrane protein essential for peroxisome biogenesis. EMBO J. 16: 44-53.
  2. Salomons, F.A., I.J. van der Klei, A.M. Kram, W. Harder & M. Veenhuis (1997) Brefeldin A interferes with peroxisomal protein sorting in the yeast Hansenula polymorpha. FEBS Letters 411: 133-139.
  3. Albertini, M., P. Rehling, R. Erdmann, W. Girzalsky, J.A.K.W. Kiel, M. Veenhuis, W.H. Kunau (1997) Pex14p, a peroxisomal membrane protein binding both receptors of the two PTS-dependent import pathways. Cell 89: 83-92.
  4. Baerends, R.J.S., F.A. Salomons, K.N. Faber, J.A.K.W. Kiel, I.J. van der Klei, M. Veenhuis. (1997) Deviant Pex3p levels affect normal peroxisome formation in Hansenula polymorpha: high steady-state levels of the protein fully abolish matrix protein import. Yeast 13: 1437-1448
  5. Baerends, R.J.S., F.A. Salomons, J.A.K.W. Kiel, I.J. van der Klei & M. Veenhuis (1997) Deviant Pex3p levels affect normal peroxisome formation in Hansenula polymorpha: a sharp increase of the protein level induces the proliferation of numerous, small protein-import competent peroxisomes. Yeast 13: 1449-1463.
  6. Erdmann, R., M. Veenhuis & W.H. Kunau: Peroxisomes: organelles at the crossroads. (1997) Tr. Cell Biol. 7:400-407.
  7. Wimmer, B., F. Lottspeich, I. van der Klei, M. Veenhuis & Chr. Gietl (1997) The glyoxysomal and plastid molecular chaperones (70-kDa heat shock protein) of watermelon cotyledons are encoded by a single gene. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 94: 13624-13629.
  8. Rosen, S., K. Sjollema, M. Veenhuis & A. Tunlid (1997) A cytoplasmic lectin produced by the fungus Arthrobotrys oligospora functions as a storage protein during saprophytic and parasitic growth. Microbiol. 143: 2593-2604.
  9. van der Klei, I.J. & M. Veenhuis (1997) Yeast peroxisomes: function and biogenesis of a versatile cell organelle. Tr. Microbiol. 5: 502-509.
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