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Research GBB Molecular Cell Biology Publications

Publications 1993

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  5. Faber, K.N., P. Haima, M.J. de Hoop, W. Harder, M. Veenhuis, and G. AB. (1993). Peroxisomal amine oxidase of Hansenual polymorpha does not require its SRL-containing C-terminal sequence for peroxisomal targeting. YEAST 9: 331-338.
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  9. van der Klei, I.J., K.N. Faber, I. Keizer, C. Gietl, W. Harder and M. Veenhuis (1993). Watermelon malate dehydrogenase is sorted to peroxisomes of the methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha. FEBS Lett. 334, 128-132.
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