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Research GBB Molecular Cell Biology Publications

Publications 1992

  1. Schulze E, Westphal AH, Veenhuis M, de Kok A.(1992) Purification and cellular localization of wild type and mutated dihydrolipoyltransacetylases from Azotobacter vinelandii and Escherichia coli expressed in E. coli. Biochim Biophys Acta 1120:87-96
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  12. Simeon, A., I.J. van der Klei, M. Veenhuis, and D.H. Wolf. (1992). Ubiquitin, a central component of selective cytoplasmic proteolysis, is linked to proteins residing at the locus of non-selective proteolysis, the vacuole. FEBS Lett. 301: 231-235.
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