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Research GBB Molecular Cell Biology Microscopy

Equipment Microscopy

Wide field fluorescence microscopes

  • Zeiss Axioskop upright microscope
  • Wide range of objectives (10x,40x,100x)
  • Filter sets for DAPI, eGFP, eCFP, eYFP, DsRed etc.
  • Princeton Instruments CCD camera
  • MetaVue software (Universal Imaging)


  • Zeiss Observer fluorescence microscope


  LSM510 META-NLO confocal microscope

  • Inverted Zeiss Axiovert 200 microscope.
  • Argon laser with lines 458, 477, 488 and 514 nm.
  • He/Ne laser for 543 and 633 nm.
  • Titanium Sapphire tunable laser ( for 2-photon microscopy).
  • META detector for spectral separation of strongly overlapping fluorochromes.
  • Life cell imaging.
  • X-Y motorized stage for stiching images (in 2- and 3D).
  • Wide range of oil and water immersion objectives.
  • Axiocam HRc with the Axiovision software.
  • Eppendorf FemtoJet for microinjection.
  • ConfoCor 2 (for FCS and FCCS).
  • Possibilities to perform FRET, FRAP, DIC imaging etc.

  Electron microscope

  • Philips CM12 transmission electron microscopes.

 For details contact Arjen Krikken (a.m.krikken


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