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Early Stage Researcher University of Exeter


Afsoon Sadeghi Azadi

The title of the project: Novel human peroxisome functions and signaling pathways

Afsoon will investigate the effects of different external stimuli in order to discover new signaling pathways involved in peroxisome proliferation in mammals. Effective stimuli will form the basis of subsequent transcriptome analysis in order to identify novel regulation networks. Promoter regions of promising candidate genes will be screened for regulatory elements in collaboration with the University of Heidelberg. Selected patient cell lines with reduced peroxisome numbers will be screened for their capability of proper response to peroxisome proliferating stimuli during a secondment at the Amsterdam Medical Centre. Afsoon will contribute to the analysis of newly identified mammalian orthologs of stress-inducible plant and yeast peroxisomal proteins together with MDiscoveries (Potsdam).

Part of the research will be performed at the Amsterdam Medical Centre and MDiscoveries (Potsdam).

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Michael Schrader

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Hans R. Waterham, Amsterdam Medical Centre

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