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Emission accounts in the developing world

Project | Emission accounts in the developing world.
Project | Emission accounts in the developing world.

Emission accounts in the developing world

Developing countries are responsible for more than 60% of global carbon emissions. They are fast-growing and playing a more and more important role in the global supply chains. Understanding their emission trends and patterns are crucial to global climate change mitigation and low-carbon transition.

Our project focuses on the fast-growing developing countries and transition economies (e.g., China, African countries and India) and discusses how they contribute to the global emissions and global climate change mitigation.

Contact persons : Dr. Y. (Yuli) Shan and Prof.dr. K.S. (Klaus) Hubacek .

Selected publications:
Shan, Y., Guan, D., Zheng, H., Ou, J., Li, Y., Meng, J., Mi, Z., & Zhu, L. (2018) China CO2 emission accounts 1997-2015. Scientific Data, 5, 170201. .

Shan, Y., Huang, Q., Guan, D., & Hubaceck, K. (2020) China CO2 emission accounts 2016-2017. Scientific Data, 7: 54. .

Shan, Y., Liu, J., Liu, Z., Xu, X., Shao, S., Wang, P., & Guan, D.. (2016) New provincial CO2 emission inventories in China based on apparent energy consumption data and updated emission factors. Applied Energy, 184, 742-750. .

Wang, H., Hu, Y., Zheng, H., Shan, Y., Qing, S., Liang, X., Feng, K., & Guan, D. (2020) Low-carbon development via greening global value chains: a case study of Belarus. Proceedings of the Royal Society A - Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences, 476: 20200024.

Wang, X., Zheng, H., Wang, Z., Shan, Y., Meng, J., Liang, X., Lin, X., Feng, K., & Guan, D. (2019) Kazakhstan’s CO2 emissions in post-Kyoto Protocol era: production- and consumption-based analysis. Journal of Environmental Management, 249, 109393. .

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