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Economic and environmental effects of poverty reduction I Yang Wang

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Yang Wang

Field l Discipline

  • Environmental inequality

  • Natural resource management

  • Climate change


  •  Input-output analysis

  • Structural decomposition analysis


Poverty eradication, inequality reduction, and environmental protection, including climate change mitigation, are critical strategic missions worldwide. These issues are complex and interrelated, with far-reaching implications for human wellbeing, economic development, and the sustainability of the planet. To achieve more equitable resource use while addressing environmental challenges, it is crucial to understand the current effectiveness of poverty alleviation measures and their environmental impacts, as well as the unequal distribution of wealth and resources worldwide.

Current studies have only focused on the empirical analysis of the economic effects of poverty alleviation, but they lack the analysis of possible poverty reduction pathways and key poverty alleviation procedures. My project attempts to use adynamic computable general equilibrium model to capture the economic impacts of poverty reduction measures. The environmental effects of poverty alleviation measures will be calculated using a multi-regional input-output model and life cycle analysis with several indicators, such as carbon emission intensity, land, water, and energy resource use. Next, the economic and environmental effects of some poverty alleviation projects, such as Chinese photovoltaic projects, will be discussed specifically. Then, scenario analysis will be conducted to guide future poverty reduction directions to achieve coordinated poverty reduction and environmental protection.

The project can provide a theoretical basis and data support for the understanding of the relationships between economic growth, poverty eradication, inequality, and environmental protection. It can also serve as a reference for other developing countries to have more appropriate pathways to achieve sustainable poverty reduction and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Supervision by

  • Promotor: Prof. dr. K.S. (Klaus) Hubacek l Integrated Research on Energy, Environment and Society - IREES | ESRIG, University of Groningen.

  • Co-promotor: Dr. Y. (Yuli) Shan l Integrated Research on Energy, Environment and Society - IREES | ESRIG, University of Groningen.

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