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WeTEM: Life Sciences and the Future

Aim of the module

The course Science, Technology, Ethics and Society for the Bachelor’s degree programme of Biology and Life Science and Technology has as theme: Life Sciences and the Future . The aim of this course is to encourage you to think about ways in which the life sciences can contribute to a prosperous and sustainable society. The course is a compulsory part of every major in the Bachelor’s degree programme of Biology and Life Science and Technology . We hope you will gain a better understanding of the complex professional practice of scientists and academics to which you will hopefully belong one day.


Because of their enormous impact, science and technology are frequently scrutinized. We all know about the discussions about privacy, the introduction of genetics in health care, xenotransplantation, climate change, etc . At the same time, without science and technology we would have very few if any of the achievements at our disposal which we now, consciously or unconsciously, take for granted: the internet, a long life expectancy, medicine, safe food , etc. It is in this contradictory position that scientists and technologists often have to operate. This is not only true for scientists who work for governments or in businesses, but also for scientists at universities who are confronted with discussions in the media about the impact of their work. Apart from scientific elements, social themes related to ethics and interests also play a role in this discussion.  


The introductory theme days are made up of lectures and seminars which offer a combination of life science-related knowledge, social aspects and scientific approaches in the field of ‘Science and Society’. The lectures will introduce several basic approaches in ethics, philosophy of science, argumentation, innovation theory and science dynamics . Besides you will write an paper on a scientifically and socially topical subject.

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