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IREES colloquium: Gonzalo Parrado

When:Th 25-04-2024 09:00 - 11:00
Where:5159.0291; Energy Academy

Speaker | Gonzalo Parrado, Ph.D. Researcher at University of Valladolid 

Title | "WILIAM: An Integrated Assessment Model Within Planetary Boundaries"

Summary | The WILIAM (“Within limits”) Integrated Assessment Model (IAM), created as part of the LOCOMOTION project, is a multi-regional model encompassing nine world regions, including the EU-27 at the country level. WILIAM runs from 2005 to typically until 2060 where net decarbonisation targets should be met, although the simulation horizon may be extended beyond 2080. To analyse the intricate relationships between humans and environment, the project utilizes a variety of techniques and methods, such as System Dynamics (SD) modelling with Vensim software, Input-Output Analysis (IOA), Energy Return On Investment (EROI) calculations, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), land and carbon footprinting, microsimulation, and numerous other approaches. During this colloquium, we will explore about the latest version of WILIAM, ongoing tasks, the model's strengths and limitations, and future research lines. We cordially invite you to engage discussions about WILIAM with us.