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IREES colloquium: Towards a Paris-proof European power system | Prof. dr. ir. Machteld van den Broek

When:Th 01-10-2020 15:00 - 16:00
Where:via Zoom

Speaker | Prof. dr. ir. M.A. (Machteld) van den Broek, Associate Professor.

Title | Towards a Paris-proof European power system.

Summary | CO2 emission reduction in the power system is crucial to reach the Paris targets. Several organisations proposed scenarios of a 100% renewable European power system in 2050. But how reliable would such a weather-dependent system be? Could it be done using European resources alone? And what might it cost? In this presentation, a study will be presented which addressed these questions. Various scenarios for a 100% renewable power were modelled with the PLEXOS power system simulation software package and were compared with a scenario including other low-carbon technologies such as nuclear, or carbon capture and storage. Dispatchable generators and their flexibility limitations were modelled in detail; land availability was accounted for by spatial deployment of variable renewable energy sources directly in the optimisation, and their generation profiles are consistent with their spatial deployment.

This study is one example of the power system research I am involved in. I will also introduce briefly my current and future research activities in this field.

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