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IREES colloquium: A sustainable futurefor biomass energy? | Prof. dr. Henk Moll

When:Th 17-09-2020 14:00 - 15:00
Where:via Zoom

Speaker | Prof. dr. H.C. (Henk) Moll, Em. Professor.

Title | A sustainable futurefor biomass energy?

Summary | For about two decades an intense discussion is going on about the role of biomass energy in future energy scenarios, especially in the Netherlands. Some proponents may consider biomass energy – being the most abundant and flexible renewable – as an cornerstone for the energy transition. Some opponents consider biomass energy as devastating and as dirty as fossil fuels like coal. Recently the Dutch PBL published a "fact and value" finding report about the sustainability of biomass energy. They discern differing values adhered by different participants in this discussion. Respecting all these values the discussion could take a more concluding course and a encompassing framework could be developed for future policy decisions. The Social-Economic Council (SER) offered this summer to the Dutch cabinet a complex and comprehensive guideline for future biomass policy in the context of the three important transitions going on: the energy/climate transition, the transition towards a circular economy and the transition to sustainable carbon management in soils.

In this talk I will reflect on the discussion so far, with some emphasis on these recent documents.Using my system-analytical insights and my socio-political observations I hope to stimulate further discussion inside IREES about a sustainable future for biomass energy.

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