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CANCELLED - CHS guest lecture - ELIZABETH TERRY-ROISIN: 'The influence of Johan Huizinga’s cultural history in the English-speaking world'

When:Mo 20-11-2023 16:00 - 17:30

This event has been cancelled.

This guest lecture is organized by the Centre for Historical Studies.

Moderator: Ian Merkel (RUG, American Studies)


While many historians have contributed a great deal to the profession, and to a richer and more accurate understanding of the past, there have been several, and I count Jacob Burckhardt, Johan Huizinga, and Fernand Braudel among them, who have had an outsized methodological impact on the field—and by that field, I mean the history of late medieval and early modern Europe.

In this talk in Groningen, which was both where Huizinga was born in 1872, as well as the home of the university in which he first taught, I will discuss the historiographic impact of Johan Huizinga and his cultural history in the English-speaking world.

As I am an American whose research primarily deals with Spanish and Italian sources, I have only read Huizinga in translation. However, I have had the great privilege of learning about him in classes I took with both Walter Simons and Jan de Vries during my undergraduate studies at Dartmouth College and my doctoral degree at the University of California-Berkeley (2015).

The talk will focus its attention on the monographs Huizinga published which have been translated into English and it will reflect upon his overall contributions in the field of late medieval and early modern European history.