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CHS book talk - RITUMBRA MANUVIE (RUG, Law Faculty): 'Climate Migration Governance and the Discourse of Citizenship in India'

When:Th 09-11-2023 13:00 - 14:00
Where:Room 1315.0048, Harmonie building

Using the example of India, and the State of Assam, Ritumbra Manuvie demonstrates how existing rights-based frameworks are used as norms for governing climate migrations. However, these normative frameworks become futile when the sub-state simultaneously contests the status of climate migrants as legitimate citizens. Instead, the responsibility is replaced with pity-making and the state becomes an empathetic spectator—who understands the misfortune but refuses to be held accountable for either the development or protection of those worst affected by climate change. Those who migrate due to climate change often find themselves stripped of their lands (because of erosion) and their political belonging to the society.

Moderator: Clemens Six