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Gewina Autumn Conference - From constant critic to corporate glossy? Student press in the Netherlands and Belgium since the end of the nineteenth century

When:Fr 25-11-2022
Where:Academy building, Groningen

This is a Dutch-language event.

Academic newspapers are a podium for critical discourse, underrepresented voices and lively debates. But do they truly provide this platform? Since the 1970s, the Netherlands has produced university newspapers with independent editorial boards and professional journalists writing critical articles and opinion pieces on university life. Meanwhile, these magazines are largely paid for by the university and contribute – willingly or not – to its corporate identity. The independence of these publications has come under increasing pressure. How have the journals evolved since the university’s commercialisation? Is the university press still the constant critic within the academic community?

Throughout the Gewina Autumn Conference, historians and publicists will highlight different aspects of the history of the student press since the late nineteenth century. For instance, what role did academic journals play in the social question of the post-Industrial society, or in the depiction and perception of HIV/AIDS? To what extent did – and do – university media act as a unifying force within the academic community? Today’s university newspapers emerged as a result of the democratisation process of the 1970s. How were they able to evolve from political newspapers to platforms of multimedia journalism? What is actually meant by ‘student press’?

These and other aspects of the history of the student press will be discussed in this symposium organised by the Belgian-Dutch Society for the History of Science and Universities (see webpage). This year’s conference is organised in collaboration with the Centre for University History and Science Studies (UG) and the Stevin Centre for History of Science and Humanities (VU Amsterdam).

Programme and registration

Visit for the programme and (free) registration. Please register before 1 November 2022.