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DemCP Book Launch: Paradoxes of Emancipation by Dr. DIMITRIS SOUDIAS

When:Th 05-10-2023 17:00 - 18:00
Where:Room 1312.0012, Harmonie building & online
book cover

In Paradoxes of Emancipation: Radical Imagination and Space in Neoliberal Greece, Dimitris Soudias traces the formation of political subjectivity in times of crisis by attending to the 2011 occupation of Syntagma Square in Athens—the heart of the Greek anti-austerity movement following the debt crisis.

Soudias conceives of the Syntagma Square occupation as a lens through which we can critically engage with broader theoretical and political issues: the crumbling promises of the capitalist imaginary, the epistemic “spirit” of neoliberal rationalities, the spatialized practices of navigating precarity and uncertainty, and the prospects for a radically better tomorrow.

Soudias reveals that the relationship between political subject formation and emancipation in neoliberalism is utterly paradoxical. In their effort to overcome neoliberal rationalities, individuals also partly stabilize them.

Interweaving the stories and insights of activists with sociology, geography, and political theory, this book makes bold claims about the future of emancipation by envisioning an “alter-neoliberal critique."