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Conference: The European Union in a Globalising World: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

From:Th 01-06-2023
Until:Fr 02-06-2023
Where:University of Groningen

European Integration qualifies as perhaps the most interesting experiment in present-day international relations. Throughout its existence, the European Union’s power as an economic, political or military actor has changed constantly. The current status of the EU has an impact on how the EU functions and is perceived in the globalising world we live in today.

Over the past decades, ‘the EU in the world’ has been a key theme in European Studies, International Relations, European Law, European Economics, European History and other studies of European integration. These studies acknowledge the fact that the EU ‘as such’ has acquired a role on the global stage, alongside and, in close cooperation with its own Member States. While knowledge thus exists, it is confined to the disciplinary silos that make up our scholarly community. The present conference aims to confront the different perspectives and insights to better understand the role of the Union in a globalising world.

To address this question, Prof. Dr. Anjo Harryvan and Prof. Dr. Ramses Wessel, together with their teams, will be organising a conference themed ‘The European Union in a Globalising World: Multidisciplinary Perspectives’ at the University of Groningen. We invite both established and early-career academics (PhD candidates and post-docs) with an interest in the European Union and its position in the world.

Final programme

Organised by:
Jean Monnet Chair European Politics & Governance: Prof. Dr. Anjo G. Harryvan
Chair of European Law: Prof. Dr. Ramses Wessel