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TransHumance, Le Théâtre du Centaure.
TransHumance, Le Théâtre du Centaure.

The 'Sheep, wool, landscape and connectivity' project evolves along three axes and corresponding questions about the relationship between sheep, wool and landscape.

The first of these axes concerns the transformation of primary, biological resources into plastic material to be moulded in response to cultural, social and economic requirements: How have sheep and their relationship to particular landscapes been reconfigured over time and in relation to what demands?

The second axis concerns the transformation of secondary outputs and theirs role in the articulation of geographical patterns of trade and commerce: How has the production of woollen textiles changed over time and what role has this played in the evolution of sheep and landscape?

The third axis concerns the contemporary configuration of the same resources and output as vehicles of cultural, social and economic renewal: How do regional institutions construct their history and identity by mobilising relationships between sheep, wool and landscape? How do these narratives relate to the answers to the questions above? What is remembered and what is forgotten about relationships between sheep, wool and landscape, and to what end?

Finally, the questions posed about the relationship between sheep, wool and landscape refer to the configuration of connections between diverse component parts, which must be subjected to direct critical scrutiny because the value of these parts changes as a function of such configuration: How is value created in the process of grouping components into an assemblage?

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