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Entangled Histories – Transcending Eurocentrism and Pluralizing Historiography in IR

Historical Epistemology | Modes of Reasoning

Conventional histories of international relations in IR scholarship start with the emergence of the Westphalian state system in 1648 and its expansion from Europe to the rest of the world concomitant with the rise of Europe. Over the last years, this account has been criticized as ahistorical and Eurocentric, which has led to explorations of alternative histories and historiographical methodologies.

First, IR scholars have put 1648 and (modern) international relations into perspective. Second, international systems other than the European Westphalian system have been introduced and compared. These re-engagements with history seem to be part of a larger effort to make sense of a global and globalizing world. However, histories drawing on concepts such as the state, sovereignty, and even international relations are exposed to the criticism of Eurocentrism.

Inspired by world historical approaches outside IR, this project inquires whether a study of historical processes of entanglements and encounters can offer a way out of this predicament and allow for pluralist histories in IR.

RUG investigators involved: Anahita Arian | Friederike Kuntz

Research themes: Historical Epistemology | Modes of Reasoning

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