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Music Matters XXVIII - CATHY VAN ECK: "Speaking, Cheering and Eating"

When:Th 25-11-2021 16:00 - 17:30

Speaking, Cheering and Eating: Sonic Transitions in Performative Sound Art


In this talk I will look at how I use several everyday actions as a starting point for my performances and installations. It is easy to imagine the sound of someone biting an apple. But eating an apple evokes many associations. In my work I try to evoke these associations and to connect them with each other sonically. Sometimes the result almost becomes music, at other moments everyday sounds arise just in a slightly different context than usual. I control these sounds with everyday gestures such as eating an apple, speaking in a microphone or positioning chairs. Sensors or microphones are used to detect my movements and thus create a connection between physical and sonic gestures. I create a narrative that does not consist of words, but that I can only tell with sounds, gestures and objects.


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