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Research Heymans Institute Research Organizational Psychology

Organizational Psychology

Expertise group

Chair : Prof.dr. B . M. ( Barbara ) Wisse

The world of work is changing ever more rapidly, and employees have to deal with these changes as best they can. The focus of the expertise group Organizational Psychology is on factors that influence the way people feel and behave at work, both individually and as part of a group or team.

As such, the group studies diverse topics such as motivation, leadership, (un)ethical behavior, goal pursuit, lifespan development, wellbeing, personality, and creativity. To study this wide range of topics, we employ a variety of methodologies, including field surveys, diary studies, and laboratory experiments. As a field, Organizational Psychology offers unique opportunities to combine and integrate different research areas of psychology, since there is no aspect of human psychology that does not play a role at work. This diversity is also reflected in our staff, and in our teaching program.

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