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Research Heymans Institute Research Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Expertise group

Chair: dr. M.W.G. (Marijn) van Dijk

The expertise group Developmental Psychology deals with describing and explaining psychological changes that take place in the life course: from birth until old age. In order to understand these processes, Developmental Psychology operates as an interdisciplinary profession. The goal of knowledge in the field of Developmental Psychology lies in enhancing healthy ageing, with a focus on the individual and the interaction with the context.

The group conducts research on the processes that determine human development. The content of these processes is diverse and entails the development of identity, psychopathology and talent. With this background, the research of the group is focused on the analysis of individual longitudinal data, encompassing both fundamental and practice-oriented research topics related to complex interactions between person characteristics and environment in human development.

Our research is directed at the themes of complexity and diagnosis and intervention targeted at psychological development, with an emphasis on life course processes.

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