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Heymans Building
Heymans Building

The Heymans Institute for Psychological Research is founded to integrate and strengthen psychological research within the Department of Psychology at the University of Groningen. The research within the Heymans Institute is organized within 9 expertise groups. In addition, as we aim to understand human behavior from the biological to the societal level, we encourage collaborations between the different expertises within psychology as well as with other disciplines.

Gerard Heymans

The Heymans Institute for Psychological Research was named after professor Gerard Heymans. He was a supporter of empirical methodology and continually introduced experiments where possible. In 1892 he established the psychology lab in Groningen, the first one in the Netherlands. In 1909, Heymans held a famous speech on “the future century of psychology”, telling of a far-off future in which a matured psychological science could solve many of humankind's problems. This resonates with the mission of the Heymans Institute to do ground breaking scientific and socially relevant research in which we try to understand human behavior from the biological to the societal level.


The Heymans Institute for Psychological Reseach is lead by prof. dr.P (Peter) de Jonge. He is, among other things, in charge of daily management, advises the Faculty Board on several matters f.i. the research programming of the Psychology department, has an important role in applications for external funding and the processing and classification of research output.

Contact Information
Heymans Building (map) secretariat: A.H. (Agnes) Bügel-Nijenhuis
Grote Kruisstraat 2/1 telephone: +31 (0)50 363 6586
9712 TS Groningen email: secr-onderzoekpsych
The Netherlands

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