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Research Heymans Institute Organisation

Advisory board

The Heymans Advisory Board (HIAR) advises the director and consists of representatives of the nine research units, the chair of the PhD Council, the counselor for PhD-students and a representative of research support. Chair of the HIAR is prof. dr. Rob Meijer

Member Represents
Prof. dr. C.J. (Casper) Albers

Director of Research Psychology (Heymans Institute for Psychological Research)

Prof. dr. E.G. (Elkan) Akyürek

Experimental Psychology

Prof. dr. T. (Tom) Postmes

Social Psychology

Prof. dr. S. (Susanne) Schiebe

Organizational Psychology

Prof. dr. E.M. (Linda) Steg

Environmental Psychology

Prof. dr. M.H. (Maaike) Nauta

Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology

Prof. dr. A. C. (Annette) Mülberger Rogele

Theory and History of Psychology

dr. M.W.G. (Marijn) van Dijk

Developmental Psychology

Prof. dr. M.E. (Marieke) Timmerman

Psychometrics and Statistics

Prof. dr. G.H.M. (Marieke) Pijnenborg

Clinical Neuropsychology

P. (Paula) von Spreckelsen

PhD Council

S.M. Suurmeijer

Research support

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