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Research Heymans Institute More Symposia and colloquia

2019 Heymans Symposium

Date: Wednesday 10 April 2019

The poster prize winner is Jannis Kreienkamp.
The grant winners are Ole Gmelin and Julian Rengers.
The mindwise winner is Juliana Nimz.
The SK prize winner is Rob Nijenkamp.

Short Impression of the symposium

and more Pictures

2019 HIS Keynote Talk

Discrimination in minimal groups: A case of the Butler did it or Murder on the Orient Express?
Prof. Dr. Russell Spears - Social Psychology

2019 HIS Talks

A Lifespan Perspective on Work Design: Age and Organizational Experience Moderate Relationships between Profiles of Job Characteristics and Work Outcomes
Elissa El Khawli                 Organizational Psychology

The Levels Problem and Reductionism in Psychopathology
Markus I. Eronen                          Theory and History of Psychology

Core Elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Treating Speech Anxiety in Youth: Facing Fears by Focussing on Behaviour, Body, or Mind?
Rachel de Jong                          Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology

Behavioural evidence for multiple attentional template
Xiaoyi Zhou           Experimental Psychology

Visual experience optimises perceptual processes in healthy ageing

Karin S. Pilz         Experimental Psychology
This talk only can be viewed by staff of the University of Groningen

2019 HIS Talk Pilz
2019 HIS Talk Pilz

Talk Snijders-Kouwer Award 2018 winner:

Controlling the Resit Effect by Means of Investment Depreciation
Rob Nijenkamp         Experimental Psychology

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