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Psychometrics and Statistics

A network-based approach to understanding the behavioural aspects of energy use

In order to understand the behavioural aspects of energy use, various social psychological and sociological theories interact, resulting in a large amount of variables to be studied. Dr. Casper Albers shows how psychological networks can help to understand relationships between general motivational factors, household energy behaviour and support for diverse energy policy, both at the individual and at the group level. As such, network models can be used as an exploratory tool, or to confirm existing hypotheses.

The Statistical Key To Truly Understanding Psychological Processes

Talk by dr. C.J. (Casper) Albers at the 2014 Heymans Symposium 'Research Worth Spreading' of the Psychology department of the University of Groningen

Predicting Academic Achievement in the Context of Selection and Matching

PhD student Susan Niessen discusses recent developments in the prediction of academic achievement and student-program fit in the context of selective admission and matching, with emphasis on the results of our research conducted in our Psychology program.

We Need The Null!

The vast majority of statistical inference in psychology is based on a variant of Null Hypothesis Significance Testing. A problem with this kind of inference is that it does not explicitly test the alternative hypothesis. In this talk, I will illustrate why it is important to specify your alternative hypothesis and why you should directly compare your null and alternative hypotheses against one another.

How Personalized Learning Can Improve Grades

Wouldn’t you want your students you learn more efficiently? Using our knowledge of human memory, we capitalize on individual differences to optimize the learning process. Through personalized learning using an online system, students learn more efficiently and we gain better insights into their learning process.

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