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Research Groningen Institute of Archaeology Research Resurfacing Doggerland

Citizen science

© Frans de Winter
© Frans de Winter

Without the commitment of numerous collectors, spending their time on the Dutch coastal beaches or going through crates filled with fossil bones, brought ashore by fishermen, this project would never have come about. Many finds are now kept in private collections, but an increasing number is finding its way to museums. Over the past decade, a tight network has formed through the cooperation between collectors, scientists and authorities, thus facilitating the research that will be conducted in the project.

In view of the importance of this cooperation, which can be considered a good example of citizen science, the project pays particular attention to outreach activities, together with the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, where an exhibition and range of activities on Doggerland has been set in place. Members of the project team contribute to the catalogue accompanying the exhibition. Information panels will be installed on several beaches, and the public will continuously be informed about the research through social media and YouTube clips. Also, collectors are invited to directly participate in the research, as many of them have great knowledge about their finds and what these represent. Take a ‘dive’ into Doggerland on Facebook , Instagram , and the Oervondstchecker .

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