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Funding opportunities for PhD Candidates

Funding bodies within the Netherlands

  • ARCHON: In the framework of the Graduate programme of the National Dutch Science Foundation (NWO), the inter-university research school ARCHON has obtained four salaried PhD-positions in total for 2014 and 2015. The aim of the programme is to give prospective PhD students from the Netherlands and abroad the opportunity to apply for an individual grant on a subject that the candidate decided on (as opposed to subjects determined by the promotor/supervisor). The four positions that ARCHON has obtained will be granted in two rounds, one in 2014 (already filled in) and one in 2015 (2 awards per year).
  • NWO Sustainable Humanities Research grant: A total of 15fte PhD positions are granted each year to cover a standard PhD research project (4 years, 1 fte or 5 years, 0.8 fte) or a PhD position for a lecturer (5 years, 0.5 fte). The grant covers the personnel costs of the PhD. Material costs for research are remunerated to a limited extent.
  • Samenwerking NWO/FWO: The FWO and the Humanities Section of NWO have decided to open a joint call for research proposals, which aims to fund three project proposals (each involving a Dutch and a Flemish researcher) per round. The grant can cover the costs of one Flemish PhD research position (4 years, 1FTE) and one Dutch PhD research position (4 years, 1FTE) or one postdoctoral fellowship (3 years, 1 FTE). Read more about the programme features and eligibility to apply.
  • Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP): For professionals who are interested in beginning PhD studies from select countries.
  • Ubbo Emmius: A round of applications for 2014 for this programme is not yet certain.


Would you like to submit a proposal for a self-funded PhD? Read more about the Graduate School for the Humanities entry requirements and application format.

If you are an external candidate from outside the University of Groningen, follow these guidelines and submit your application.

The Graduate school will provide you with a desk and library access and has opportunities to apply for extra funding for attending conferences.

Where do I apply?

Our official job openings will be posted on the University of Groningen Job opportunities pages (see below). We will post open positions to this page.

Visit our Academic job opportunities page.

More information on applying for a PhD at the University of Groningen.

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