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Director: Prof. dr. Clara H. Mulder

PhD research at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences is conducted within the Graduate School of Spatial Sciences. PhD researchers perform their research in one of the research programmes of the Faculty of Spatial Science. The Urban and Regional Studies Institute (URSI) is the governing body directing research at our faculty. URSI in turn is linked with the national research school NETHUR. PhD research covers three or four years, depending on the type of contract/ scholarship.

Aim of the PhD programme and training:

The prime objective of the PhD programme within the Graduate School of Spatial Sciences is to provide PhD researchers with a solid basis for independent research. The programme emphasizes the knowledge and skills that researchers need to write a dissertation, which is the ultimate proof of an individual’s proficiency in empirical research. Various modules help the PhD researchers to develop a number of academic skills: some are related to the field of theory, some to methodology and analytical skills, others to personal and research competences. Moreover, the modules focus on developing skills for the PhD researcher's subsequent career. In addition, communication and discussion of results is at the heart of science: skills in writing and presentation are thus essential. Special attention is paid to writing scientific articles in English.

Some of the training modules are compulsory and are followed by all PhD researcher's usually under the umbrella of NETHUR. The selection of other modules will be tailor-made to the PhD researcher's specific needs and the PhD project. The modules to be followed will be decided upon and selected in discussions between the PhD researcher and PhD supervisor and are set out at the start of the PhD project in the Training and Supervision Plan.

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