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The Graduate School of Spatial Sciences provides high quality education for students who want to be trained as a researcher in the Spatial Sciences, either at Research Master or PhD level. It has a unique multidisciplinary perspective, i.e. a combination of economic geography, cultural geography, planning and demography.

The Graduate School of Spatail Sciences is part of URSI (Urban and Regional Studies Institute), of which prof. Tialda Haartsen (Vice Dean Faculty Spatial Sciences) is responsible. URSI is responsible for research, its implementation and scientific quality.

prof. dr. Clara Mulder is director of the Graduate School of Spatial Sciences. The Director of the Graduate School has overall responsibility for content and quality, plus the day-to-day supervision.

The day to day management of URSI and the Graduate School is organized by dr. Sanne Ponsioen and Alida Meerburg.

The Graduate School is responsible for:

  • the overall PhD and Research Master programme;
  • development and coordination of the research programme;
  • reporting to the Faculty Board;
  • coordination of networking at national and international level, with Faculty professors;
  • monitoring Research Master students and PhD researchers;
  • input of the teaching staff in the Research Master and PhD training, together with the Director of Education/Faculty professors;
  • implementation and improvement of the PhD protocol;
  • public relations, together with faculty Communication Committee.
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