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Format for PhD applications

Guidelines for submitting a research proposal

A successful research proposal addresses the following points:

1. short description of the project
  • what do you want to find out?
  • what will you do to get there?
2. position of the project within the discipline
  • how does it connect to existing theory?
  • what does it promise to contribute?
3. short description of the data (texts, corpus, etc.) that you will use or collect
  • why these materials?
4. short description of the project's research method
  • why this method?
5. short statement of the relevance of the project
  • what is its urgency?
  • how is it innovative?
  • (if applicable) what practical purposes may be served by its results?
6. statement of a provisional timetable
  • when will you do what?
  • what will you produce when?
7. statement of expected expenses
  • specific research costs, research trips, conference visits, stay abroad
8. description of the required research environment
  • who will you be working with?
  • what kind of research training do you need?
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