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Facilities for PhDs

Facilities for all PhD candidates

All PhDs registered by the GSH are also included in the registration-system of the faculty.

This automatically grants them the right to

  • a computer account (including email and access to digital journals and publications of the University Library),
  • a library pass (with free access to the collections of all university libraries in the Netherlands),
  • a PhD-student card.

They are also entitled to participate in the local GSH-training programme. All registered PhDs are subject to the GSH-Supervision Protocol.

Every PhD will receive a compensation for the printing costs of the PhD-thesis to a maximum of € 750,00 from the University Board.

Facilities for specific categories of PhD candidates

The Graduate School for the Humanities distinguishes between three different categories of PhD candidates. Each category has its own specific rights with regard to facilities and support offered by the GSH.

  • Salaries PhDs and bursary PhDs (these include teacher-PhDs/docent-promovendi)
  • PhDs with a non-Dutch stipend
  • PhDs without a stipend

Research opportunities abroad

Please see this page of the international office on how and where to apply for a 'stay abroad'

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